Le Haut Pré

Enjoy your holiday in the Vosges Mountains

Need a relaxing, cultural or sporting holiday in a natural setting?


Excellent routes for walkers and cyclists crisscross the region passing remarkable natural sites in the Vosges mountains.

Maps are available at the Haut Pré for you to ...

Balade près de rouge gazon

explore the local summets,

Mille Etangs

discover the Thousand Ponds Plateau ( Mille Étangs),

activité randonee La charme

take a nearby walks around the gîtes.

For the more sporty and adventurous the choice is vast

adulte et enfant sur piste de ski

several ski resorts within 40 minutes,

montagnes vosgiennes avec un parapentiste qui décolle

paragliding sites above Le Haut Pré and the nearby peaks,

deux cyclistes sur un chemin de terre

many routes for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Culture and heritage

The Vosges is proud of a rich religious, military and industrial past.

Some nearby sites to Le Haut Pré.

Les Hautes Mynes

Discover what unprecedented event happened in the Copper mines in 1617,

Ballon des Vosges Regional Naturel Park

Explore this hamlet with the park's visitor center, historic church, museum and restaurant,

Musée de Textile

This wonderful Textile Museum in Ventron explains the origins of the Vosges textile industry,

Remiremont and Saint Mont

The town of Remiremont with it's abbey born from the hermitage on the Saint Mont.

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The Quietude Attitude

Help us preserve our beautiful Massif des Vosges

Adopt the “Quietude Attitude”

The Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park has launched a program to raise awareness of the tranquility of the fauna that we encounter during our mountain outings

Five good reflexes are proposed so that everyone can contribute to respecting the tranquility of wildlife.